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Space industry is predicted to reach €2,3 trillion by mid-century, according to Morgan Stanley research. If this prediction is correct, space is one of the largest investment opportunities in a generation.

On Wednesday 27th April, 40 participants were gathered by NewSpace Capital, Fuchs & Associés and LAFO at ING Lux House for an exclusive space investment conference.


Guests had the chance to hear an insightful keynote by Bogdan Gogulan (NewSpace Capital) followed by a multidisciplinary panel moderated by Felix von Schubert (chairman of NewSpace Capital) and to understand the landscape of space industry, its key trends, the big winners, the specific risks and common misconceptions about it.

felix-mittermeier-ihbqhutI9x4-unsplash (1).jpeg



Bodgan Gogulan

CEO, NewSpace Capital

360 CrossCom_Fuchs-1 (Cover).jpg

Timothée Fuchs
CEO, Fuchs

Antoine Rostand.png

Antoine Rostand

CEO, Kayrros


Olivier Bertrand
PE Tax Partner, EY

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