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Non-profit organisations with an innovative approach generally receive too little strategic funding to foster their scaling strategy and to amplify their impact. 

Epic Foundation, LAFO, PwC Luxembourg, Handicap International and JustDiggit are joining forces on the subject of philanthropy and impact investment to propose a meaningful event - the first of its kind in Luxembourg - on Thursday 7 March 2024.


While the opportunities for impact projects are numerous, most potential investors are still held back by three obstacles: a lack of confidence, time and knowledge. 

Alexandre Mars, Founder & CEO of Epic Foundation and blisce/, will give an insightful interview led by Pascal Rapallino (LAFO President) before being joined on stage by Marjolein Albers, CEO of JustDiggit and Mehdi Magha, General Director at Handicap International Luxembourg for a panel discussion moderate by Francis Parisis (Managing Director, PwC).


This event will offer private and institutional investors, as well as private wealth professionals, the opportunity to hear about best practices and acquire the tools to understand the venture capital and philanthropy sectors, in order to identify and invest in meaningful projects with a high societal and environmental impact, and to understand how to provide financial support to NGOs more efficiently. 


The conference will be closed with a presentation explaining how to structure Impact Investments, by Begga Sigurdadottir (Tax Partner at PwC).




1° Alexandre Mars (Founder & CEO of Epic, blisce/ & INFIИITE)

Alexandre Mars is the Founder & CEO of Epic, a foundation that exists to empower and protect children, youth and our planet. He is the Founder & CEO of blisce/, a leading B Corp certified investment firm based in New York and Paris that is dedicated to investing differently (Spotify, Headspace, Talkiatry, Too Good To Go…). He recently launched INFIИITE, a social EdTech that helps students from underprivileged backgrounds gain access to the world’s best universities. 

He is also a board member and ambassador of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

2° Mehdi Magha (General Director, Handicap International Luxembourg) 

“Director of Handicap International Luxembourg, Mehdi Magha's journey in the public health sector is firmly rooted in his convictions and commitment to assisting the most vulnerable and disabled individuals. His desire to engage in humanitarian work led him to join Médecins Sans Frontières Belgium in 2014, during the Ebola crisis, and then Handicap International in 2020. The NGO works alongside disabled individuals and vulnerable populations, taking action and bearing witness to meet their essential needs, improve their living conditions, and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.”

3° Marjolein Albers (CEO, JustDiggit - providing agricultural techniques support in Africa)

Marjolein is the Managing Director of Justdiggit, a nonprofit focused on large-scale landscape restoration initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa. Justdiggit is an African -European organisation with offices in Amsterdam and African Nairobi (Kenya).

By implementing low-tech regreening methods in close collaboration with implementing partners and communities, Justdiggit has already regenerated over 17million trees and brought more than 400,000 hectares of land under restoration. Marjolein has a background in international communication and development studies and 25 years’ experience in managing NGO’s, building movements and inspiring and activating (young) people to make a positive change. 

4° Begga Sigurdardottir (Tax Partner, PwC Luxembourg) 


18h30 -19h00    Welcome 

                         Handicap International and JustDiggit will be present at booths to have in-depth discussion on their respective missions

19h00 -20h30    Conference

20h30 -22h30     Walking cocktail



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